America’s Next Top Pimp


Only the strongest pimp can claim the coveted Pimp Island. Pimp Island is made up of four distinct districts known as Chinatown, Trailer Park, Chalupa Village and The Ghetto. All four districts contain three territories each. These territories, in addition to the central territory and four beach territories, make up the entirety of Pimp Island.

America’s Next Top Pimp is a dangerous game of manipulation. Be wary of other pimps trying to take control of the island. The power of your hoes may not suffice. You must use the Police, Cardinals, Drugs and other manipulative measures if you want a chance at victory and complete control of Pimp Island!

This item contains small pieces. Keep away from small children!


America’s Next Top Pimp is a strategy card game where players compete for territories on pimp island by creating the strongest pimp hand.

The game is played over a few or several pimp rounds. During each pimp round, one or more pimp fights will occur. When all but one player has played their last card, new cards will be drawn and a new pimp round will begin. At the beginning of each fight, the player with the fight marker will place it on a territory of his/her choosing. This will be the location for the next fight.

Players begin each round with 10 cards each (8 each in a two or three player game.)

During a fight, players take turns placing cards in front of them, forming their pimp hand. A player’s pimp hand shows the value he/she will bring to the fight. When all players finish placing cards, the fight is over. The player with the highest total value in his/her pimp hand controls the territory. A new territory is chosen and another fight takes place.

In a game of 2 or 3 players, the first player to control four territories that all touch each other or 5 total territories wins the game. In a game of 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 players, the first player to control an entire district, four territories that touch each other or 5 total territories wins the game.

Card Tutorial

Alternate Rules

Try out these rule variations with your friends for additional fun.

Lowest pimp hand wins (2-8 players)
This is pretty simple. Instead of trying to create the highest valued pimp hand, you want the lowest value pimp hand. Diamonds can be played on your opponents hand instead of your own.

Pick your own hand (2-3 players)
Deal 25 cards to each player. Each player then chooses to keep 10 of the 25 cards and discards the other 15. Gaining additional cards from owning territories no longer applies. Each player will always be dealt 25 cards at the start of each round.

No territory is safe (2-8 players)
The only rule that changes in this variation is that you can fight for a territory that has already been won as many times as you want. A single territory can change owners multiple times throughout a game. This will make the game longer and is for hardcore players only.

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